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Hold As A Service (HaaS)

Pro market tools rewarded to true
TEA Hodlers

Ever wonder how to stay ahead of the crowd without sacrifiying your portfolio with expensive crypto market tools?

Well, you usually can't... unless you're part of TeaDAO and hold Tea, simple enough, right?!

Let our team select the best deals for you : listings alerts for arbitrage, new gem finder for ultra early investing, portofolio rebasing, cloud mining...

you name it!

You can also submit some external services you know to the DAO so it can decide wether to add them to our HaaS or not.

All you
have to
do is

Hold your Tea in the HaaS pools and voilà !
You have now access to external pro servicices for free!

No more money wasted in fiat every month, your capital is kept and secured in TeaDAO's HaaS pools and can continue to grow in value, while you're busy making money.

Just keep calm
and hold Tea!



OK, i get it...