Welcome to
TeaDAO's Liquiditea

The place where you earn stablecoins and blue chips cryptocurrencies without any effort!

Choosing your exposition to the market is luxury !

TeaDAO's Liquiditea pools allows every TEA staker to pick between earning stalbecoins and even earn famous cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, AVAX..

you name it!

Well, actually, the DAO will! Thanks to the Governance mechanism : The Assembly will submit a vote to the community to decide, along with the possiblity to earn stablecoins, which other cryptocurrency they want to see as a reward in one of the LiquidiTEA pools

What do
you need
for this?

A supported non custodial wallet like MM connected to the Avax Network

Buy some Tea on the DEX

Then, all you
will have to do is :

Stake TEA in the staking pool to you can receive your liquid sTEA receipt token

Stake your liquid sTEA token in the selected LiquidiTEA pool and start earning whatever you want there!

Your choice, your call!

OK, i get it...