Welcome to the
Staking and farming solutions

The ONLY way to PASSIVELY generate up to 150% APR and stay serein at the same time.

Become a liquidity provider by staking Tea, or Tea/Mim and start to generate rewards on the spot.

The more you provide, the more you will earn...

simple !

To access
staking and
farming you
will need

A supported non custodial wallet like MM connected to the Avax Network

To buy some Tea and/or some Mim in the Dex

Stake those assets in single staking (stake Tea, earn Tea/Mim) or in farming pools (stake Tea/Mim, earn Tea) and you're good to go , nothing esle to do, you'll start earning passively !

But guess what ? Staking Tea will also give you access to TeaDAO's Key feature!

Where you can earn stablecoins and large cap cryptocurrencies just by hodling !


OK, i get it...